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What an exciting time in your young ones life.  Every day they are learning something new and absorbing information all around them.

While it can be tough to leave such a little one be assured that they are in the best of care.  Our infant team has been working together for the past 8 years and have a combined 38 years of experience working with children in the Salem area. Our child care center provides a structured environment but within that structure there is opportunity and freedom to explore, have fun at their own pace. 


As in all of our classes there is structure but there is also BUSY fun.  Toddlers are at a fun age and love to be hands on with EVERYTHING!  We provide them the opportunity to develope their large and small motor skills in a variety of sensory activities and build a foundation for lifelong learning through play. 

Not only will your child have countless opportunities to learn their shapes, colors, letters... but they will also begin to learn social skills such as sharing, taking turns and using words.